Castro, The Establishment And The Dangers Of Socialism


On 25th November 2016, the ex-dictator of Cuba, Fidel Castro, died. As anybody who lived through the latter half of the 20th century will know, or indeed anybody with a basic understanding of history will know, Castro was the revolutionary-turned-dictator of Cuba from 1959 until ill-health forced him to step back from the public eye in 2006. Under Castro, Cuba has been held back in terms of development and wealth creation thanks to draconian restrictions on property rights, innovation, as well as other equally backward socialist policies. There is no rule by popular consent in Cuba, where Castro’s younger brother Raul is now president. Homosexuals are locked up, political dissent is entirely out of the question, permission is requi1red to leave the island and the average wage is $25 per month. So clearly, this place is not the Caribbean paradise it has the potential to be, but rather it is a failed state, frozen in the 1950’s with wages and standard of living to match.

So it comes as some surprise the number of mainstream newspapers and political figures seemingly queuing up heap praise on the recently departed communist tyrant. One might expect some positive reviews from the Morning Star or the Communist Parties of various nations, but what we have seen is figures from centre-left political parties across the world, including heads of state, overlooking Castro’s crimes to elevate him to the status of some sort of Messiah.

All across the western world, leftists and liberals alike have thrown off all pretence and exposed their true colours. Canada’s Liberal PM Trudeau hailed Castro as ‘remarkable’ and a ‘legendary revolutionary and orator’. The leader of Her Majesty’s opposition Jeremy Corbyn spent a Sky News interview praising Castro’s improvements to all manner of things that never happened, whilst totally ignoring the human rights that the Labour Party are supposed to stand for. The SNP’s Angus MacNeil tweeted that Castro was ‘a nationalist symbol of regional pride’, implying the similarities between his party and the communist dictator. This is just a taste of the almost unanimous left-wing reaction to Castro’s death. Even Barack Obongo failed to condemn Castro’s crimes in a statement he released on the latter’s death.

The press were not better, with the Guardian publishing an article detailing Castro’s ‘achievements’ as a ‘revolutionary leader’, supposedly freeing the Cuban people from the tyranny of a US-backed dictator. New York Times ‘journalist’ Helene Cooper, when asked, scolded the ‘Americano-centric’ view of Castro that exists, claiming he ‘helped bring down South Africa’s apartheid regime’ (even thought it was in fact the meddling American government that did that). The Daily Mirror praised him for ‘sweeping away capitalism’ and resisting the evil powers of Washington, whilst failing to mention the homosexuals imprisoned in Cuba for reason only of their sexuality.

The truth about Castro is that he became nothing more than a filthy communist, a Soviet puppet doing the bidding of his Russian masters. Admittedly he was not always a communist, but a revolutionary nationalist (and socialist) who became corrupted by power and the promise of Soviet money, therefore no better than the US-backed dictator who preceded him. He sold out on his promise of a sovereign Cuba soon after becoming Prime Minister, when in 1961 he became General Secretary of the Cuban Communist Party and appointed a whole swathe of Marxists to his government, which was the price he paid for Soviet support. It was this that led to the conditions Cubans have suffered from ever since, including low wages and a remarkably poor quality of life.

But what is so fascinating about this is that it is western liberals and leftists heaping praise on Castro, whilst Cuban immigrants in Miami are celebrating in the streets. One would imagine it is the latter group who are best place to give an accurate appraisal of Castro’s time in power and their opinions are shown no more clearly than by the fact they are living in Florida, not Cuba. They mostly sailed in broken down old boats to seek refuge in non-communist America, fleeing the tyranny of communist Cuba. Why, if this world of equality and social justice that Castro created is so good, would so many Cubans risk their lives to flee their failed island nation?

This is exactly the problem with those concepts. They sound nice and virtuous on paper, but when people see the realities of equality and social justice in practise, they realise exactly why their form of socialism has to be enforced at the point of a gun – it doesn’t work! Communism has failed to make the oh-so-grand improvements to societies that Karl Marx predicted it would, with all who have tried it from China to Russia to Cuba experiencing lower living standards and life expectancy than their non-communist counterparts in the western world. This is not to say that our capitalist system is perfect, far from it, but it cannot be emphasised enough how dangerous to a nation and a people the concepts of communism really are. They are antithetical to prosperity, a destroyer of culture and a killer of the worst kind, with well in excess of 100,000,000 dying at the hands of communist programs in the 20th century alone.


In some cases, the praise of Castro or the failure to condemn his crimes come out of a misplaced liberal virtue signalling, as is the case with Justin Trudeau and Barack Obongo, but in the case of the leading figures of the British Labour Party and other socialist parties across the west, it is far more sinister. People such as Jeremy Corbyn and his sidekicks like Emily Thornberry and Diane Abbott were not just giving Fidel Castro a fair hearing, rather they admire him and would gladly implement his politics here in the United Kingdom given half a chance. They would have no problem at all implementing their policies at gunpoint as Castro did and, even if they believe they would now, this would all change once they gained power and understood the reality of governing a nation under socialist principles – very quickly the people see the realities of Marxist socialism.

Karl Marx and his similarly idle friend Friedrich Engels studied the economies of the world throughout history in order to devise their crackpot plan for international communism. They devised a scale of the steps towards communism based on this study and the penultimate step is of course, socialism. Not the centre-left ‘soft socialism’ of Tony Blair, nor the National Socialism of Adolf Hitler, but the far-left radical socialism of Jeremy Corbyn, which is the final stepping stone towards communism. This is why people like Corbyn speak to crowds of supporters waving the hammer and sickle flag, it is not just a few crackpots, it is actively encouraged by leading members of the Labour Party. Their grassroots movement ‘Momentum’ bears all the hallmarks of communist revolutionaries – they don’t allow difference of opinion, they violently attack ‘fascists’ (anybody to the right of themselves) and they advocate the same policy positions as people like their apparent idol Fidel Castro.

Image result for steps to communism

This is the danger we face today and it is very real. This is not the ‘red scare’ or the mad hysteria created by blacklists of the odd suspected communist, this is a serious groundswell of communists and communist sympathisers within our society who think that people like Castro and Stalin are perfectly acceptable role models. These people mustn’t be allowed anywhere near power in our country, for we cannot be sure they would ever willingly give it up again. Even if they do give it up, the nation will be beyond repair and no doubt full of low-IQ, left-voting 3rd world immigrants thanks to the mass immigration policies of communists in white countries.

Unfortunately, the globalists who have been in control of our nation since 1945 (with the exception of Mrs. Thatcher) seemingly had desire to destroy communism and rid our society of it completely, but it is something that must be done. We cannot allow dangerous fifth columnists like Comrade Corbyn to subvert our society any further by inciting his radical followers into some kind of class war. The Labour Party have set their stall out firmly now, by openly supporting communist tyrants like Fidel Castro – we must now set our stall out and show them that communism has no place in civil society.



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