Somali Immigrants: IQ, Education And Welfare Dependency


This week, Somali immigrant communities across the west have been under the spotlight, since one of them went on a spree of violence at a university in Ohio, injuring multiple people in a car and knife attack. Many people are keen to put this episode and those of a similar nature down to the Islamic faith of the attacker, but nobody seems to want to entertain the fact that his Somali origin is of more importance than his religious beliefs. Yes, it might be a man’s religious beliefs that are

the catalyst for such violent outbursts, as we have seen across the Islamic communities in the western world, but it is important to remember that there are other factors that drive him towards such belief systems and actions in the first place.

It is not just terrorism or violent outbursts that are an issue with our Somali guests, but social factors too such as poor educational standards and commitment, low employment rates, low levels of general economic activity, higher propensity towards welfare dependency and so on. Of course, these are problems that we see with many third world immigrant communities, but here in the UK it is particularly profound within the Somali communities, or rather, ghettos, which have emerged in our larger cities in recent years.

The United Kingdom has had a Somali problem for longer than we may think. The first Somali immigrants were sailors who came to England in the 19th century, supposedly, followed by a second wave who remained in the country after being brought here for some unknown reason during the second world war. The largest influx of Somalis however, have arrived in the UK since the 1980’s and 90’s, due to a civil war in their home country. Why they do not stay and fight for their homeland is a mystery, as with many other 3rd world migrants supposedly fleeing war, but we are never likely to get a decent answer to that question.

Again, as with other immigrant communities in Britain, the vast majority of Somali immigrants reside in England, particularly in cities such as London, Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield, Leicester Bristol and Cardiff. There are, as of the last census, 114,000 Somali-born immigrants residing in the UK. According to the Institute for Public Policy Research, 61% of Somali-born immigrants in the UK are female, as of 2007.

Their participation in society leaves a lot to be desired, which further damages the myth that immigrants are ‘good for our country’, or that old chestnut, ‘diversity is our strength’.

Out of all Somalis over the age of 16 in the UK, only 55% have completed lower secondary education (GCSE-level), whilst only 6% have actually attained GCSE qualifications grade A*-C, in comparison to the 75%+ of native British people who hold this level of qualification. In terms of employment, only 26,900 out of 114,000 Somali immigrants (and descended) are employed legally, whilst 31.4% of Somali men are economically inactive. The economic activity rate rises to 84.2% when we look at Somali women. It is estimated that over 22% of Somalis in the UK have little to no grasp of the English language.

In terms of welfare dependency, Somalis follow the same trend as with their educational and employment achievements. 80% of Somali children in the UK receive free (taxpayer funded) school meals. In terms of direct benefit payments, a study conducted amongst Somali immigrants living in the London borough of Waltham Forest found that 73% live in a household on benefits. 95% of Somalis in the UK live in rented accommodation and they are twice as likely to be behind on their rent than their native British counterparts. Over 80% of Somali immigrants are living in social housing, which essentially means you, the taxpayer, is paying their rent. In terms of their drain on the National Health Service, there is no raw data for Somalis in particular, but we do know that Somali-born women have on average 4.19 children (3x more than their native British counterparts), with all maternity and associated treatment given free on the NHS.

Other social issues with Somali immigrants include Khat use and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Khat is a substance that grows in Africa and the Arabian peninsula that is a banned class C substance in the United Kingdom, yet 51% of Somali men living in the UK admit to having used the substance in the past month. In terms of FGM, a study in 2004 found that up to 70% of Somali immigrants had undergone the banned procedure. 91% of Somali women that moved to the UK after the average age FGM is carried out had been mutilated, whilst over 40% of Somali men living in the UK claimed they intended to put any daughters they would potentially have through the procedure. Whilst FGM has been banned in the UK for many years, it is interesting to note there have been no convictions.

Finally we have the issue with gang crime and violence amongst the Somali immigrant community. This problem was identified by the authorities to the extent they have set up special government departments aimed at ‘teaching Somali youths to take the entrepreneurial skills they learned in a gang and put them to better use’. It does seem however, that the Somali community is not actually that interested in reforming this aspect of their social character, as the Somali Youth Development Resource Centre attempted to train Somali youths to become community ambassadors to help bridge the gap between the authorities and the Somalis themselves – so far, only 16 have been trained.

The people in government who analyse socio-economic trends and the causes for deficiencies in certain communities give all sorts of reasons for the frankly poor showing on offer from our Somali guests, from ‘fleeing war’ to ‘the environment’, but unfortunately the politically correct culture in our society prevents them from looking at the reality. Real scientists of the early to mid 20th century had this figured out, as do any contemporary scientists brave enough to put their head above the proverbial water, and that the root of the problem is quite simple: genetics. People are different, but the powers that be insist on grouping humanity into one big ‘melting pot’ where we all look, think and behave in the exact same way.

The most important statistic about Somalis in terms of their economic performance and therefore social integration is their IQ. The average IQ in the United Kingdom is 100 or 101, depending on which study you believe (this is probably higher if only the native population were to be counted) and this goes a long way to showing why we are one of the better performing economies of the world. Economic performance is directly linked to a person’s IQ, the higher the IQ, the higher on average a person’s wage will be over the course of their life. There is an obvious issue then, when we look down the IQ chart and find Somalis sitting near the bottom, with an average IQ of just 68.

68! Bear in mind, the point below which one is considered clinically retarded is 70, so it is not beyond fact to say that the average Somali is retarded. With this being acknowledged, is it any wonder they perform badly economically and have trouble integrating socially? How can a people who have an average intellectual capacity that is 32% lower than the rest of society fit in? The problem is that the politically correct ‘science’ of today encourages people to believe that the reason these people are stupid is because of poor educational opportunities in their homelands, poverty and environmental factors. But this is not evident in their behaviours when they arrive in the UK, as they often either fail at basic GCSE exams or don’t have the sense to get their children to attend school in the first place.

We give these people everything they could possibly wish for, every opportunity to go to school, get educated, go to training institutions, learn trades and so on, yet they do not have the capacity to take advantage of these things. This is because IQ is not a measure of one’s education or how much ‘stuff’ they know and can remember, but rather it is a measure of their capacity to learn new things and apply theories to real life practical situations and it is here that the evidence shows Somali immigrants coming up well short of the mark.

So the only question that remains is, who’s stupid idea was it to allow Somali immigrants to come and become dependants on our society? Better still, why, after all the evidence proves that it is nature not nurture that is the problem here, do we continue to import people of this calibre and refuse to allow people to have an honest discussion about race and its impact on society? Clearly if a fact regarding race is relevant to the well being of a society and its economy, we should not be afraid to say so. The truth should not fear persecution, even if the truth is uncomfortable to some.

It is time, perhaps, to have a more honest conversation about race, before our society and economy are in ruins.



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