Red Terror: British Nation Under Threat From Marxists


In the United Kingdom, the left has traditionally been very weak. It is a well known political fact that left-wing politics does not win elections in this country, with the only Labour Party government since 1979 coming in the form of a soft centre-left Blair administration, who’s policies would be better described as liberal rather than Marxist. However, it is now not just the complacent right that knows this, the left do too. So now, they are not trying to win power via party politics. No, they are quite content with their Labour Party having absolutely zero chance of winning a general election, as they have now moved onto underhand tactics of disruption and subversion in order to bring down the British nation.

The two main points of attack are to undermine the Westminster government and to subvert and weaken the very concept of a British state. The militant unions are manoeuvring their pawns in an attempt to take public support away from the conservative government, whilst the agitators in Scotland and Northern Ireland are pouncing upon trivial issues in attempts at land grabs and independence movements. These attempts are clearly not aimed at winning majority support, but rather are solely intended to create chaos and destruction, both economic and socially. The unions wish to pit various factions of society against one another in their class warfare agenda, whilst bringing economic havoc to key industries and the independence movements in Scotland and Northern Ireland are simply engaging in disruptive tactics in order to win even greater concessions from the British government. The undertone of all of these attacks on Britain is of course the exit from the European Union, which the Marxists desire to undermine as far as possible even if that means Britain getting a poor deal.

What is becoming clear is that the unions are coordinating their industrial action in order to bring the maximum economic and social chaos to the nation. The National Union for Rail, Marine and Transport workers (RMT) have instructed their Southern Rail employees to strike this week, following industrial action over the Christmas period. In conjunction with this, the Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association (TSSA) have taken unnecessary strike action which has disrupted over 5 million users of the London Tube service. The RMT have also indicated that ‘strikes will be inevitable’ on the Northern Rail network that covers large population areas such as those of Newcastle and Greater Manchester. In addition to this, British Airways cabin crew workers are due to strike this week, grounding more than 40 flights at Heathrow Airport alone. These actions are all occurring at the same time in what is a politically motivated, coordinated attack on the British economy.

The fact that these actions are politically motivated is further evidenced by just how ridiculous the given reasons are for the strikes. Usually you would expect workers to strike over low pay or poor working conditions, but neither of these things are even an issue for the rail unions. In actual fact, the RMT are using the issue of ‘driver-only trains’ to hold industrial action, claiming the new measures are unsafe (as if they actually care about customer safety), whilst the same union as well as the TSSA are claiming the tube strike is in relation to job losses as a result of ticket office closures. In the latter case, they either are blind to the inevitability of technological progress or, as is more likely, they are using this as an excuse for political ends.

The political activity in Scotland and Northern Ireland is also potentially coordinated, as it is clear that the Marxists in both nations have similar aims and beliefs, namely their hatred for and objective to destroy the United Kingdom. In Scotland, the ‘First Minister’ Nicola Sturgeon is attempting to hold the British government to ransom over our departure from the European Union, going as far as to discuss proceedings with foreign governments in an attempt to undermine the government’s negotiating position. No matter what concessions are made to Scotland, the SNP just keep asking for more and more. They know that the Scottish people are not in favour of independence, yet Mrs Sturgeon continues to use this as a fulcrum upon which to place a large lever underneath the government, with her position given maximum airtime on all of our Marxist television stations.

And now the latest attack on the Union comes in the form of a politically motivated resignation from Martin McGuinness, a former IRA terrorist-turned-politician who has decided he can no longer serve in the Stormont power-sharing government as deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland. Under the guise of his disgust at an energy project proposed by the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), he has resigned, yet the motivation here is clear. Sinn Féin are always looking for an excuse to revive past tensions and topple the Northern Irish assembly. Now, thanks to the power sharing agreement, there must be new elections unless Sinn Féin propose a replacement for McGuinness, something which they are hardly going to do when they can use this to blackmail the DUP. Sinn Féin are against Brexit, against the Westminster government and against the United Kingdom even existing at all, so the idea that this resignation is motivated by an energy project is a total non-starter.

What do these attacks all have in common? They are all from people with an ideological root in Marxist socialism! All the unions are led by closet-communists, whilst the SNP are inspired by the anti-colonial teachings of Marx combined with a strange pseudo-democratic socialism. Worse still, Sinn Féin combine anti-colonial economic suicide with their ideological roots of revolutionary socialism. These groups are the enemies of the British people and of the British nation and they must be stopped, but they are being allowed to do the work of Corbyn’s communists totally unhindered by our supposedly conservative government.

The people need to know the truth about the unions. People naturally feel sympathy for the worker against the government, but the truth must be told that these people have a political agenda and have a disgusting, uncultured, Marxist vision for Britain. They are parasites who are the enemy of the working people and this must be made clear. As for the SNP, it has been proven that devolution does absolutely nothing to slow the cause of Scottish nationalism. Prior to the formation of a Scottish parliament, the SNP had 6 seats at Westminster. Now, after we gave in to their petty demands, they have over 50. Clearly this mantra of appeasement doesn’t work and must be reversed. Northern Ireland is a more difficult situation as deluded republican Marxists have the tendency to kill people when they don’t get their own way, but even so the DUP must be prepared to throw the power sharing model out of the window and attempt to form a coalition with other unionist parties in the Northern Ireland assembly. Above all, the British government must get a handle on these matters and ensure that the media tell the people the truth about the threat we face from the left of British politics.

Most importantly, we must never become complacent to the threat of Marxism to our society. We are in a pretty dire situation as it is since Marxist thought has poisoned many aspects of our cultural and academic life, but we cannot allow it to get any worse. It is up to us to stop this from happening.



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