The Stasi-state, NPD & The German Constitution


Since the beginning of Europe’s multicultural experiment, Germany has led the way in terms of returning to communistic stasi tactics of suppressing criticism of government policy. These efforts have continued with renewed vigour and aggression since early 2016, when all 16 federal states launched a legal bid to ban the National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD), however a final judgement was passed on 17th January in which the high courts decided a ban was not the right course of action.

For those who do not know, the NPD are the only real nationalistic party in Germany. They were formed in 1964 as the successor to the German Reich Party (Deutshe Reichspartei, DRP) which emerged in 1950 and had 5 seats in the first Bundestag. The NPD’s platform is fairly straightforward: they believe in natural law, German nationalism, social security for Germans, the return of territory taken from Germany in the post-war period, an alternative to capitalism and communism, as well as the extrication of Germany from the European Union, which they see as a Soviet-style arrangement that does not represent the interests of European people.

However, as we know, the illegal German state that currently enforces liberal democracy at gunpoint has never accepted the existence of a genuinely patriotic political force. The party has for a long time been labelled as “a threat to the constitutional order” and there have been previous attempts to ban the party. In 2003 the constitutional court in Germany was intent on a ban, until they realised the stasi-state had, within the party’s top 200 leadership roles, 30+ undercover agents. A spat ensued between the various parties involved and eventually the stasi pressured the courts into allowing the party to continue essentially for evidence gathering purposes.

Again in 2011, the party was linked to the ‘Zwickau terrorist cell’ based on fabricated evidence which resulted in a banning attempt, whilst in 2012 a further attempt at a ban was made when all 16 states recommended the measure for seemingly no obvious reason at all.

In early 2016, the federal states again began to agitate for the courts to ban the NPD, but this time not for any spurious links to terrorist cells or for their policies, but purely because of the party’s rise in support as a result of the mass influx of third world migrants over the last three years. The forces of liberal democracy simply cannot stand the notion of patriotism, let alone nationalism, so when a party such as the NPD start receiving anything resembling support they feel they have to bring down the stasi-state onto them in full force.

However, there was always hope that this attempt would fail, too. The New Observer Online recently published an article in which they quoted a popular left-wing German publication Der Freitag, who claimed that there was ‘little cause to be optimistic’ in anticipation of the court’s ruling on the party. Ironically, they claim this is because the ban would not stand up to the standards of the European Courts, which state that there must be a ‘clear and concrete threat’ to the German constitution for a party to be banned, by which German courts will most likely be guided. Therefore, German nationalism has indeed survived to fight another day.

However, this case and similar previous cases where other movements such as the Socialist Reich Party have been banned exposes a grave and fundamental issue within the German constitution. The clause within the current German constitution that outlaws National Socialism can be used, should the Merkel regime so desire, to suppress any opposition activity that is not to their approval. For example, free healthcare for pregnant women was part of the NS manifesto, so in theory the constitution allows for that to be outlawed under the banner of ‘banning Nazism’. Now of course, nobody is suggesting that the Merkel regime will ban something such as maternity care, but it is an example of the stupid nature of such a constitutional clause that could be used for less than savoury purposes.

The greatest threat to the peoples of Europe is not nationalism, but the illegal regimes such as that of Frau Merkel who preach tolerance and democracy, but in fact hate all that we are and all that we have ever been. They want to impoverish us and eventually replace us with a low skilled, low intelligence ‘working class’, the like they can easily manipulate and control. Under their watch, the nations of Europe as we knew them have been changed beyond recognition, and continue to be changed.

It is not nationalistic parties such as the NPD that we should fear, but the Orwellian pseudo-liberals that currently have the cheek to call themselves our representatives.



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