London’s Useful Idiots & The Spread Of Marxism


This weekend, a spontaneous uprising of oppressed women around the world took place in protest against the election of President Trump. They decided now was the time to throw off their shackles and truly embrace the equal status they so crave, ridding their lives and communities of the evil patriarchy that dared to keep them down. They came out in their millions for a cause in which they truly believe, so their daughters will know a better world.

Or at least that is what CNN, the BBC and the rest of the shameless lügenpresse would have us believe.

In fact, the truth is much more saddening than this. Yes, it is true that thousands of women took to the streets in major cities across the western world, including London, Los Angeles and as far afield as Sydney, Australia. The front put on by the media commentators is that these women were marching for a feminist cause, against the ‘hateful rhetoric’ of President Trump who stands accused of saying a few mean things a decade ago, but in reality many of those marching would probably not be able to give you the same answer twice when asked why they were taking such action.

The march that took place in London claimed to be 100,000-strong, which is not surprising considering the large numbers that the shady usurpers have been able to mobilise for Marxist causes in the past. Neither is it surprising to learn that the march in London wasn’t really about Trump’s inauguration at all, but rather an assorted range of leftist causes, many of which actually affect British women rather negatively.

The BBC quite openly (and no doubt proudly) reported that the marches ‘aren’t all specifically anti-Trump’, but about other causes such as ‘the global refugee crisis’. Of course, the march in London had a strong anti-racism theme, coupled with the support of refugees and opposition to Brexit and border controls. The majority of the slogans being held by protesters were in fact calling for an end to racism as opposed to anything to do with President Trump, whilst speeches given to the crowd concerned abortion, migrants and Brexit (with the odd vague reference to Trump to justify their presence).

This march was nothing more than one of the many partisan events taking place around the world, in which Marxists usurped a women’s agenda to filter in their leftist causes. These events were organised, backed and funded by well known leftist groups and powerful people, particularly that old nemesis of Europe George Soros, who, according to the New York Times, has direct links to at least 56 of the organisations behind the ‘spontaneous display of women’s anger’. George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, which focuses on flooding our nations with third-world migrants, is behind many of the groups involved with the march across the world, with many explicitly partisan and totally devoid of a track record regarding women’s issues.

This is nothing new, however. For a long time now, Marxists have attempted to weaponize segments of society against each other by giving them causes that are not really about what they say on the surface. These ideas, such as radical feminism and racial equality, were born out of the Frankfurt School think-tank from 1923 onward, which merged the ideas of Sigmund Freud and Karl Marx to create the concept of Cultural Marxism. These ideas were devised as a result of communism not catching on ‘naturally’, therefore the key thinkers behind the Frankfurt School believed they could achieve their communist goals via psychological warfare, weaponizing cultural elements of society to carry leftist causes hidden under the banner of other issues.

The key theory of the Frankfurt School was that the people must be made to believe that the cultural institutions of western society was oppressing them in some way or another, therefore they must be torn down. They focused on ‘identity groups’, such as blacks in America, women and later the LGBT community. These groups are given causes such as racial equality, radical feminism and ‘sexual liberation’, which are then blended with communistic goals such as enforced redistribution of wealth, the abolition of the family structure and class warfare.

This can be seen in modern ‘equality movements’, such as Black Lives Matter, who’s website explicitly states that their goal is to dismantle the ‘traditional family nucleus’, something they’ve been led to believe oppresses black people. In a similar way, radical feminists tend to have communistic aims that are irrelevant to gender equality, such as support for supranational institutions and forced redistribution of wealth by the state, for they are led to believe that nationalism and wealth creation are doctrines that oppress women.

We find ourselves in an almost amusing situation, in which we can work out the political aims of the George Soros’s of this world by looking at what the protesters are shouting on our streets. These people, the puppet-masters, are very skilled in their ability to psychologically weaponize one segment of society against another, encouraging the people to actually believe that they themselves have thought up this cause and that it will actually benefit them.

Just to take one example; how exactly does allowing unlimited numbers of refugees benefit women? How is this cause linked in any way to feminism?

Quite simply, it is not. A mass influx of refugees will bring absolutely no benefits to native British or other European women at all. We have seen from what has happened in Germany, Sweden, Austria and across Northern Europe that refugees from the third world are committing crimes against women such as sexual assault and rape at an alarmingly disproportionate rate.  Furthermore, the vast majority of these ‘refugees’ are from the Muslim world, and as such they bring with them inherently misogynistic cultural practises and belief systems, the biggest example being Islamic (Sharia) law, which barely considers women as human, let alone equal.

The people protesting against their own interests are the victims of psychological warfare, waged by wealthy Marxists who seek to divide and conquer our nations and enforce their poisonous ideology upon us. Many of these people have been radicalised by stealth, convinced that they are standing for a noble cause when in fact they are being encouraged to fight their own people, who should be their closest comrades against the usurpers. It does not help that the mass media are always, without fail on the side of the protesters, most likely because many of these media outlets are owned by the very same shady internationalists who fund and provide ideological direction to these destabilising movements.

We are now fighting a psychological battle against those with the power. It is a question of taking control of the ‘information space’ and we must compete for every inch. It is a question of exposing the subtext behind ‘official narratives’ and the polished rhetoric of the CNN’s and the BBC’s of this world. It is very difficult, but we have been winning so far as is evident from the escalation of the enemy’s activities, so now we must keep on and reach even more people to avert the consequences of the destabilisation of our societies.



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