UKIP: The Party Of Appeasement

The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) have been in a state of turmoil ever since the initial euphoria of last year’s European Union referendum victory wore off. The loss of Nigel Farage as the party’s leader signalled an end of an era, but I doubt even the most pessimistic of UKIP members could have predicted just quite how low the party would sink.

Under Paul Nuttall’s leadership, the self-described crisis of the party has gone from bad to worse. Far from being the unity candidate that he pledged to be, Nuttall has alienated the radicals of the party which is unfortunate as they happen to make up the majority of the membership. From decisions such as bringing Suzanne Evans back into the fold, to the dithering inaction on the establishment mole that is Douglas Carswell, this new era in UKIP’s life as a party has been a disaster to those of us who came to the party in our millions over the past 7 years.

However, the party sunk to new lows recently after producing literature for the Stoke-on-Trent Central by-election in which the party essentially pledged its support to Halal and Kosher slaughter, alien practises whereby an animal has its throat cut without prior stunning/anaesthetic and is hung upside down until drained of blood. As part of the same leaflet, the party also praised ‘British’ Muslims for their contribution to the United Kingdom in the fields of medicine, law and the armed forces – seemingly forgetting the contributions made by this very same group in the fields of gang rape and terrorism, not to mention their specialist poppy-burning service.


Above is a photograph of the offending article. As you’ll notice, the leaflet sickeningly boasts about the party’s efforts to ‘promote ethnic and religious diversity’, even name dropping a certain Dr Tariq Mahmood who stood for election in the neighbouring constituency of Stoke-on-Trent South.

This is the same Dr Tariq Mahmood who is himself a supporter of Halal slaughter, as a simple viewing of his twitter page (@tariqukip).

The pertinent question here of course, is when did UKIP become so damn cucked?! At what point did the party decide that they would take up the tactics of moderation and appeasement, as if in an attempt to become some sort of eurosceptic version of the Liberal Democrats? This latest literature appears more akin to a full blown endorsement of the multicultural globalist agenda as opposed to the hard-line patriotism the party was accustomed to under Nigel Farage’s leadership.

Initially, there was cause for optimism at this new era under Paul Nuttall, a man who has spoken strongly against the burka and other non-British cultural quirks, as well as appearing to signal a shift away from the Thatcherite economics that was so often Farage’s Achilles heel. Yet this optimism has turned to disappointment and then despair as we have watched the party descend to the centre ground and on its way, inevitably, into obscurity.

Whether it is down to the acceptance of the moderates like Suzanne Evans, Patrick O’Flynn and Douglas Carswell, or a group of very poor advisers indeed, Paul Nuttall has been taking the wrong turns since day one. The party is in disarray and this latest climb down from previous stances that we have seen in Stoke will be the final nail in the coffin for much of the established membership.

I for one would advise anybody who cares to listen to tear up their UKIP membership card immediately.



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