A Message For The Netherlands: Wilders Is Your Man!


The nations of Europe are entering into a period of political revolution. The peoples of Europe are gradually seeing the grave dangers of mainstream liberal/left ideologies and are rejecting globalism en masse. Here we stand on the eve of the first major challenge of 2017, judgement day in the Netherlands, where we shall soon have an indication of the level of resentment towards current political direction that the people really feel.

Current polling suggests the Dutch people will make the governing party (VVD, People’s Party for Freedom & Democracy, centre-right) the largest party once again in the House of Representatives, but all the talk is of course about the current second-placed PVV (Party for Freedom) led by the charismatic anti-immigration campaigner Geert Wilders.

Mr Wilders is campaigning on a platform of strong border controls and “de-islamisation”, combined with euroscepticism and a neo-liberal economic manifesto. His populist message is one that has resonated with not just the Dutch people, but the people of Europe at large in recent months in the wake of growing concerns about the scale of third world (mainly Islamic) immigration to our continent. Almost monthly migrant attacks in France, Germany, Sweden and beyond have contributed to the popularity of the PVV, as such incidences are not ones that the Dutch people wish to see replicated in their country.

The positive reception that his message has been met with has even caused mainstream governing politicians to adopt the rhetoric of Geert Wilders, such as Prime Minister Mark Rutte for instance, who took out a full-page advertisement in every Dutch newspaper to pen an open letter to immigrants calling on them to “act normal or leave”. This adoption of PVV language is of course a last-ditch attempt to deceive the voters into sticking with the mainstream parties who wish to be seen as the ‘safe pair of hands’, whilst listening to the people’s concern.

We know a little about this in the United Kingdom, so we can offer some advice based on experience. Here, we have quite probably set a record for being the most gullible electorate in Europe, for we have been deceived time and again by the mainstream politicians, both Conservative and Labour, who only speak out language come election time. The most recent example of this was at the 2010 General Election, at which then-Prime Minister David Cameron talked tough on immigration. He promised to reduce net migration to “the tens of thousands” and what did we see? We have since witnessed the highest net migration and immigration figures in the history of the United Kingdom.

Do not believe them, they have built their careers upon deception and trickery.

The stark reality of the matter is that time is against you and you can ill afford to suffer another 5 years of mainstream pro-refugee, pro-Islam, Europhile politics. As of 2016, just 77.9% of the population of the Netherlands are actually Dutch or Frisian, with the vast majority of non-Dutch minority ethnic groups originating in the third world. For example, there is a sizeable minority population of Moroccans (10%) living in the Netherlands, many of whom do not integrate and have a negative impact on public services and the welfare state.

The crime figures for this group are appalling, particularly amongst the youth. A report by the Gatestone Institute shows that 40% of male Moroccan immigrants between the ages of 12 and 24 have been arrested, whilst this figure rises to 50% in neighbourhoods where the majority of residents are of Moroccan descent. Over 60% of Moroccan youths drop out of school without any formal qualifications, which probably accounts for the fact that 60% of Moroccan males between the ages of 40 and 64 live on welfare handouts.

It is this grave injustice against the Dutch people that Geert Wilders wishes to address. When he asks his supporters if they want less Moroccans in the Netherlands it is not born out of prejudice or hatred, but out of the cold, hard reality that the immigration of these people has not been beneficial to the nation.

The problem is also a religious issue, with many recent immigrants and their descendants practising Islam which has of course shown evidence of itself to be a violent and supremacist ideology right here in Europe. Recent data shows that at least 5% of people living in the Netherlands practise Islam, with this number only expected to rise in the coming years as a result of continued immigration. The vast majority of this 5% belong to the Sunni sect, the same branch of Islam practised by ISIS and Saudi Arabia. As of 2010, there were 453 Mosques in the Netherlands, the vast majority of these being Sunni Mosques which have been known to be hotbeds of extremism and radicalisation in other parts of Western Europe, primarily England but also France, Belgium and Germany.

You do not want this in the Netherlands. It is a challenging problem to deal with in these politically correct times, but you now have the opportunity with Mr Wilders to tackle it head-on.

Another fantastic opportunity you have with the PVV is to reassert the sovereignty of the Netherlands ahead of Brussels. In recent years the European Union has become too powerful, with a growing readiness to interfere in the business and democracies of supposedly sovereign nation states, dictating your fiscal policy, telling you how many migrants must live in your town and imposing dangerous communist-style social doctrines. Here in the United Kingdom we rejected this unnatural institution and Mr Wilders is offering the Netherlands the same opportunity by way of referendum, should he be elected to lead.

It does indeed make sense for the Netherlands to re-evaluate their membership of the European Union and potentially join Great Britain on the outside. Between 2007-13, the Dutch government spent €27,397,000,000 of the Dutch taxpayers’ money on EU budget contributions, that’s over 4.5 billion Euros per year. Research also shows that the Netherlands is the 4th most outvoted nation on the EU Council, being on the losing minority of decisions more times than any other nation after the United Kingdom, Germany and Austria.

This is not a deal that sounds particularly favourable. Your taxes are sent to Brussels and in return you have your laws and policies dictated to you by foreign bureaucrats. Mr Wilders has committed to hold a referendum on the Netherlands’ continued membership of this grossly unfair club should he win power, and that is a chance that all nations of Europe deserve.

The essence of the argument to vote for the PVV is not one of economic nuances (although Wilders is proposing massive tax cuts) or of social status or any of those other battlegrounds upon which elections are fought. The crux of the argument is that this election is an election of fundamental principles; do you wish to see continuity within the globalist boundaries of acceptable thought, or do you believe in nationhood, sovereignty and self-determination for yours and all peoples?

Please think carefully before casting your vote for one of the old mainstream parties, you may not get a better chance than this to make things right for the Netherlands.



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