Why ‘Brexit Day’ Is Not A Cause For Celebration


Today, the British Prime Minister Theresa May officially gave notice to the European Union of Britain’s intent to leave, a widely expected but symbolic gesture to reaffirm the so-called will of the British people that was voiced in the referendum of 23rd June 2016. This moment has been hailed by fanatical Brexiteers as the beginning of independence, the start of a golden age in British history even, whilst those who so desperately desired a remain vote decry this moment as the day Britain made her greatest ever mistake. Whichever side of the debate people find themselves, there is a common acceptance that this is indeed a momentous decision that will radically change the course of British history.

Unfortunately, the reality fails to live up to the hyperbole. This is not the result of some startling revolution in which the people rose up and took back control from the political elite. No, this is simply the result of said political elite realising that a few people are growing wise to their tricks, therefore feeling the need to placate their subjects with minimal concessions dressed up as radical reform. Again, they have succeeded, as can be evidenced by the “job done” attitude on display across the nation today and the fact that the Conservative Party are riding high in the polls at 44%, the highest show of approval for a government party for a very, very long time.

The campaign promises of the ‘leave’ campaign during the referendum did indeed sound appealing, such as an end to the injustice of our EU budget contributions, the ability to throw aside unwanted business regulations like the curvature on bananas, and of course the big issue that is controlling our own borders.

Yet even if all the seemingly utopian campaign promises are realised, it will still not be a scratch on the world order that the political elite have carefully crafted in the post-war period.

The most crucial point to stress to demonstrate the insignificant effects in reality of Brexit is that of immigration. The theory goes that by leaving the European Union, we can control our borders once again and therefore reduce immigration to levels acceptable to the British people. This is a fallacy. We have had complete and total control of immigration for as long as the United Kingdom has been a nation, including throughout the entirety of our stint in the European Union. It is through successive pieces of legislation in the British parliament, not the European parliament – along with some underhand tactics and behind closed doors deals – that the British government has enshrined the concept of open borders into the very fabric of our society.

In the post-war period, it was decided that Britain needed immigrants to rebuild the country, as this was obviously favourable to increasing productivity, raising the native birthrate or any of the other seemingly common sense options open to politicians at the time. Between 1945 and 1962, citizens of the Commonwealth (Britain’s former imperial colonies) had the same free movement rights that EU citizens currently enjoy. Politicians, including the famously ‘anti-immigrant’ Enoch Powell were sent around the old empire recruiting non-white immigrants to come and work in the National Health Service, amongst other occupations. Even after the passport controls were reinstated in 1962, no cap was placed on the numbers of immigrants from anywhere in the world and this policy has continued to this day, despite the fact that opposition to immigration has been rife in the UK since  the 1950’s. Every opportunity has been there for the political elite to curb non-EU immigration, right the way down to 0 as public opinion generally suggests it should be, yet in 2016 alone, upwards of 257,000 immigrants came to the Untied Kingdom from outside of Europe.

Even within the European Union, the United Kingdom has never been part of the Schengen ‘no borders’ zone, meaning we had the ability to prevent EU migrants without a job from coming into the country. Further still, we were fully able to legislate to the effect that companies could not hire EU migrants thereby eliminating EU migration entirely, yet our political class did not want to.

The point is, there has been next to no constraint on the British government whatsoever throughout the entire post-war period that prevented them from reducing, or even totally halting immigration. The truth here is that there is no desire amongst the political elite to reduce immigration. In fact, it is an openly stated aim of the post-war world order to re-populate western Europe with immigrants from outside of Europe, something that was written about widely in academic circles in the early 20th century by prominent anthropologists such as Ernest Hooton and the founder of the Pan-Europa Movement (precursor to the EU), Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi. Even as recently as the year 2000, the United Nations published a report in which 9 nations (of which Great Britain was one) were designated as requiring ‘replacement migration’ from the third world as a solution to dwindling fertility rates.

This plan to change the face of Britain is not the fault of the European Union, however complicit they may be, but rather it is a policy orchestrated from the very highest levels of global governance by people who consider themselves above and beyond democratic accountability. It is the back corridors of the Bilderberg Club meetings and the research wings of Harvard University where these policies get made. They are the very essence of New World Order Freemasonry and no matter what political party is in power, no matter how one votes in any given referendum, these policies will remain unchanged.

Yet this is only the tip of the iceberg. The grave injustices in our society are firmly entrenched regardless of whether or not we leave the European Union. For example, the fact that the Bank of Englang’s usurious methods that give 75% of its profits to private shareholders (despite being publicly owned) have not been addressed is outrage enough, along with the fact that successive governments since 1945 have built up a national debt so great that the British taxpayer is servicing the interest on said debt to the tune of £82,000 every single minute. On top of this there are other more domestic economic issues such as the ‘big 6’ energy firms who control vital resources needed for survival in the modern world, yet somehow justify making £100 profit per customer each year – these and other ‘natural monopolies’ like them are far down at the bottom of the list of priorities and it suits the political elite for these economic injustices to remain in place; Brexit will not solve any of this. Modern free trade, as is the norm in the New World Order, does not allow for public ownership of any means of production, let alone the vital resources.

These injustices are agreed way beyond the realms of democratic accountability. No politician who proposes to address these will be taken seriously, as the lying media who sit nicely in the pockets of the global corporate elite will rabidly attack anybody who even hints at reform.

What’s more is the government’s plan for a ‘global Britain’, a Britain that they wish to turn into a rootless tax haven, devoid of anything recognisable aside from cold hard cash. The government have signalled they are quite prepared to turn the City of London into a sort of ‘western Hong-Kong’, with low taxes for the rich and even lower taxes for the corporations. A Prime Minister who claims to want to create an economy that ‘works for everyone’, is fully prepared to build an economy that serves only to reward greed with greed and continues to line the pockets of the banking cartel.

Remaining in the EU, despite the bleak picture described here, is not the answer. Yes, leaving is exactly the right thing to do but more for the good of Europe as a whole as opposed to the domestic interests of Great Britain (which will not be served either way). Once the European Union as an institution has been dismantled, free and sovereign European nations can then begin to address the plethora of predicaments that face us, such as those described above. Whilst the UK is forced to compete economically with the EU, we will forever have an unfair society and, whilst the global cabal is still allowed to usurp the nations of Europe, the banks will still rule and our political systems will continue to operate as ‘financial democracies’ in which money rules and nothing but money.

To paraphrase a quote by a man who’s spirit the determined Brexiteers often invoke; this is not the end, this is not even the beginning of the end, but this is just the end of the beginning.

This is the first shot fired in a long, long war against the global elite.



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