The Eternal Anglo: From Anglo-Saxon Warrior to Uncultured Simpleton

There was once a time when English blood commanded respect. When the people of this nation could proudly proclaim their Anglo-Saxon heritage as others saluted in awe. Today, however, this is long forgotten. Today England is home to the poorly educated, the narrow-minded, the purveyors of anti-culture and the subservient dregs of defeat – the underclass of Europe. In the 21st century, past glories long forgotten, the rest of the world sees England primarily as a source of humour. We are, it suffices to say, the butt of the world’s jokes – certainly of Europe’s. Oh the irony, when the red-faced, overweight yobs paint themselves red and white with the Cross of St. George and loudly proclaim themselves an Englishman, as if this sentiment incurs anything other than scornful contempt. This fact was brought home by a recent exchange with a language teacher, who gleefully recounted a favourite joke of his students: those who speak three or more languages, we call multilingual; those who speak two languages; bilingual; those who speak one language, we call them English. This is a brilliant polemic that encapsulates the small-minded, under-educated disaster that claims to be the English people. It demonstrates our unwillingness to learn, our misplaced aversion to anything “foreign” and the arrogant assumptions of a misplaced sense of superiority. We’ve become a nation of delinquents, the sort that derives meaning from having its own name tattooed on its forehead whilst the rest of Europe (and the world) looks on with amusement.

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Norther Ireland: Loyalists Prevail (But Sinn Féin gain…)


Despite what the anti-British traitors at the BBC, Guardian and associated acts may report, this week’s election in Northern Ireland was very much a non-issue in a constitutional sense as it marked the continued domination of public thought by unionists. Whilst it may not be Continue reading “Norther Ireland: Loyalists Prevail (But Sinn Féin gain…)”