Analysing the Link Between Young People and Radical Progressive Politics

One of the criticisms levelled at young people as an electoral group in the modern age is that they have a predilection for left-wing ideologies. This ranges from “soft-leftism” (i.e. political parties in the European Social Democratic tradition) through to radical leftism, in the form of Marxism/Communism in the Soviet-mould, and usually with the oft accompanying factors of progressivism and zealous radicalism. Many reasons are given for this phenomenon; middle-aged conservatives prefer to rely on the excuse that schools and universities are allegedly brainwashing young people, or that it demonstrates a lack of maturity and a lack of awareness in “how the world works”.

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Ethnicity, Nationhood and Terminology

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It is true, as the left repeatedly charge, that we are living in a “post-truth” world where what was once thought to be certified fact is now no more than an object of interpretation. Ideas once (correctly) believed to be concrete are now considered obsolete and the victor of an argument is no longer he who relies upon facts, but he who argues – and often deceives – the best. Continue reading “Ethnicity, Nationhood and Terminology”

Enoch Powell: Why They Hate Him


John Enoch Powell MBE or, Enoch Powell as he came to be best known, was once a towering figure of British politics. By the end of his political career, he was hated by the left and right in equal measure for his stances on controversial issues such as race, race relations, immigration and Europe. However, this hatred was born mainly in the corridors of Westminster and did not translate into public opinion (well, at least not until the lügenpresse poisoned the minds of a generation). Now, thanks to the Continue reading “Enoch Powell: Why They Hate Him”