Who Makes Immigration Policy?


In the last 50 years, immigration has become an increasingly important political topic in western (white, European majority) nations. It has become so important that elections are now won and lost based on which candidate or party promises to take the toughest stance on the matter. For example, the vote on Great Britain’s membership of the European Union in 2016 was decided on this topic, whilst Donald Trump’s historic election victory in the US also saw the topic of immigration play a huge role. Continue reading “Who Makes Immigration Policy?”


Enoch Powell: Why They Hate Him


John Enoch Powell MBE or, Enoch Powell as he came to be best known, was once a towering figure of British politics. By the end of his political career, he was hated by the left and right in equal measure for his stances on controversial issues such as race, race relations, immigration and Europe. However, this hatred was born mainly in the corridors of Westminster and did not translate into public opinion (well, at least not until the lügenpresse poisoned the minds of a generation). Now, thanks to the Continue reading “Enoch Powell: Why They Hate Him”

The Colonisation Of British Cities, Part 1: Birmingham


The changing face of Great Britain, which is a part of The Great Replacement™ taking place across Europe, has for some time been a major talking point of our politics. Beginning with Enoch Powell in 1968 and continuing to this day, the issues of immigration, integration and race relations have been the most widely spoken about of all, mainly in the context of “we want less of it”. Of course, the opinions of the majority have been ignored on this matter for Continue reading “The Colonisation Of British Cities, Part 1: Birmingham”

Immigrants, Ethnic Minorities & Infectious Disease


Immigration is the hottest topic of the day, not only because of its relevance (think migrant crisis/US-Mexico border incursions) but also because of its unfortunate ability to act as a catalyst for other negative forces within our societies. The most obvious of these is terrorism, as we have seen over the last year in Paris, Brussels, Munich and now Berlin, where migrants from the third world have decided to repay the hospitality of European nations by Continue reading “Immigrants, Ethnic Minorities & Infectious Disease”