NHS Crisis: Overpopulation On Full Display

Once again, we find ourselves in a bad winter for the National Health Service. The NHS has recently announced that ‘all non-urgent operations are to be cancelled this month’, which, whilst not an unusual move for the service, is far short of ideal. In fact, it suggests that the issues surrounding the NHS that have caused similar announcements in the past are showing no signs of abating, and in fact are only getting worse. The Tories blame mismanagement and economic irresponsibility on the part of the NHS bosses for this crisis, whilst Labour blame (or will do so, predictably) any problem with the health service on a lack of funding. As usual, they are both wrong.

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NHS in Crisis: Problems & Solutions


The phrase “the NHS is in crisis” is perhaps the only thing we can be certain that will come from a politician’s mouth every year. Each winter, the NHS seemingly is facing a ‘new crisis’, which is usually to do with Accident and Emergency (A&E) waiting times, overcrowded wards or the latest super-bug to infest our hospitals. This year is no different. In what the Red Cross have recently branded “an humanitarian crisis”, the NHS is once again in crisis, with reports of Continue reading “NHS in Crisis: Problems & Solutions”