Ethnicity, Nationhood and Terminology

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It is true, as the left repeatedly charge, that we are living in a “post-truth” world where what was once thought to be certified fact is now no more than an object of interpretation. Ideas once (correctly) believed to be concrete are now considered obsolete and the victor of an argument is no longer he who relies upon facts, but he who argues – and often deceives – the best. Continue reading “Ethnicity, Nationhood and Terminology”


Brexit Britain: We Need MORE European Immigration


Throughout the referendum campaign, there was much hysteria whipped up surrounding the issue of European immigration to the United Kingdom and the affect this was having on public services and integration within communities. It is safe to say, however, that this is on point upon which I agree wholeheartedly with our disgraced former Prime Minister, Tony Blair. In a recent speech on the issue of Europe he claimed that we need European immigrants and in any case, it is non-European immigration that many of Continue reading “Brexit Britain: We Need MORE European Immigration”

Enoch Powell: Why They Hate Him


John Enoch Powell MBE or, Enoch Powell as he came to be best known, was once a towering figure of British politics. By the end of his political career, he was hated by the left and right in equal measure for his stances on controversial issues such as race, race relations, immigration and Europe. However, this hatred was born mainly in the corridors of Westminster and did not translate into public opinion (well, at least not until the lügenpresse poisoned the minds of a generation). Now, thanks to the Continue reading “Enoch Powell: Why They Hate Him”

The Colonisation Of British Cities, Part 1: Birmingham


The changing face of Great Britain, which is a part of The Great Replacement™ taking place across Europe, has for some time been a major talking point of our politics. Beginning with Enoch Powell in 1968 and continuing to this day, the issues of immigration, integration and race relations have been the most widely spoken about of all, mainly in the context of “we want less of it”. Of course, the opinions of the majority have been ignored on this matter for Continue reading “The Colonisation Of British Cities, Part 1: Birmingham”

Somali Immigrants: IQ, Education And Welfare Dependency


This week, Somali immigrant communities across the west have been under the spotlight, since one of them went on a spree of violence at a university in Ohio, injuring multiple people in a car and knife attack. Many people are keen to put this episode and those of a similar nature down to the Islamic faith of the attacker, but nobody seems to want to entertain the fact that his Somali origin is of more importance than his religious beliefs. Yes, it might be a man’s religious beliefs that are

Continue reading “Somali Immigrants: IQ, Education And Welfare Dependency”