A Message For The Netherlands: Wilders Is Your Man!


The nations of Europe are entering into a period of political revolution. The peoples of Europe are gradually seeing the grave dangers of mainstream liberal/left ideologies and are rejecting globalism en masse. Here we stand on the eve of the first major challenge of 2017, judgement day in the Netherlands, where we shall soon have an indication of the level of resentment towards current political direction that the people really feel. Continue reading “A Message For The Netherlands: Wilders Is Your Man!”


Scottish Independence? Go For It!


It may seem somewhat ironic for a publication entitled “the British observer” to reveal a pro-Scottish independence position and yes, it is with a heavy heart that we would see the union dissolve, yet it would also be with a heart full of hope, hope that England will once again see her time in the sun. For too long the union has been kept up by the national government at Westminster focusing acutely upon the Continue reading “Scottish Independence? Go For It!”

Grammar Schools Preserve Natural Order


In recent weeks, the debate upon the merit of grammar Schools has been reignited after the government recently proposed investing £500 Million in “free schools”, that could become grammar schools at a later date when the ban on building new grammar schools has been lifted. The fact that there even is a ban on the building of grammar schools in the United Kingdom should tell you straight away that this is a controversial issue. Continue reading “Grammar Schools Preserve Natural Order”

The House of Lords Is Obsolete, It Must Be Dismantled


The debate surrounding the purpose and continued existence of the House of Lords (HoL) has been reignited in recent weeks after the second chamber voted to amend the government’s Article 50 Bill in order to protect the rights of EU migrants. There have been seemingly hasty calls from Brexiteers to abolish the House of Lords immediately, replacing it with an elected second chamber, but the truth of the matter is that this is long overdue. Continue reading “The House of Lords Is Obsolete, It Must Be Dismantled”

UKIP: The Party Of Appeasement

The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) have been in a state of turmoil ever since the initial euphoria of last year’s European Union referendum victory wore off. The loss of Nigel Farage as the party’s leader signalled an end of an era, but I doubt even the most pessimistic of UKIP members could have predicted just quite how low the party would sink. Continue reading “UKIP: The Party Of Appeasement”

Norther Ireland: Loyalists Prevail (But Sinn Féin gain…)


Despite what the anti-British traitors at the BBC, Guardian and associated acts may report, this week’s election in Northern Ireland was very much a non-issue in a constitutional sense as it marked the continued domination of public thought by unionists. Whilst it may not be Continue reading “Norther Ireland: Loyalists Prevail (But Sinn Féin gain…)”

Article 50 Bill: Arguments Opposing EU Citizens Amendment


Last night, the British government suffered its first setback of the process to trigger Article 50 (the mechanism by which we formally give notice of our intention to leave the European Union). During the committee stage of the “Article 50 Bill” in the House of Lords, a majority (358 to 256) of peers backed an amendment calling on the government to unilaterally guarantee the rights of EU citizens living permanently in Continue reading “Article 50 Bill: Arguments Opposing EU Citizens Amendment”