NHS in Crisis: Problems & Solutions


The phrase “the NHS is in crisis” is perhaps the only thing we can be certain that will come from a politician’s mouth every year. Each winter, the NHS seemingly is facing a ‘new crisis’, which is usually to do with Accident and Emergency (A&E) waiting times, overcrowded wards or the latest super-bug to infest our hospitals. This year is no different. In what the Red Cross have recently branded “an humanitarian crisis”, the NHS is once again in crisis, with reports of Continue reading “NHS in Crisis: Problems & Solutions”


Red Terror: British Nation Under Threat From Marxists


In the United Kingdom, the left has traditionally been very weak. It is a well known political fact that left-wing politics does not win elections in this country, with the only Labour Party government since 1979 coming in the form of a soft centre-left Blair administration, who’s policies would be better described as liberal rather than Marxist. However, it is now not just the complacent right that knows this, the left do too. So now, they are not trying to win power via party politics. No, they are Continue reading “Red Terror: British Nation Under Threat From Marxists”

The Colonisation Of British Cities, Part 1: Birmingham


The changing face of Great Britain, which is a part of The Great Replacement™ taking place across Europe, has for some time been a major talking point of our politics. Beginning with Enoch Powell in 1968 and continuing to this day, the issues of immigration, integration and race relations have been the most widely spoken about of all, mainly in the context of “we want less of it”. Of course, the opinions of the majority have been ignored on this matter for Continue reading “The Colonisation Of British Cities, Part 1: Birmingham”

Review: Oppenheimer’s Origins Of The British


Stephen Oppenheimer is a British paediatrician, geneticist and academic who has undertaken extensive research into the origins of the British and other European peoples, including his 2006 book entitled ‘The Origins Of The British’, in which he explores the genetic history of the native peoples of Britain. In his book, Oppenheimer hypothesises that the Anglo-Saxon and Celtic impact on the British gene pool were minimal and that the main bulk of our genetic stock can be traced back to Continue reading “Review: Oppenheimer’s Origins Of The British”

Immigrants, Ethnic Minorities & Infectious Disease


Immigration is the hottest topic of the day, not only because of its relevance (think migrant crisis/US-Mexico border incursions) but also because of its unfortunate ability to act as a catalyst for other negative forces within our societies. The most obvious of these is terrorism, as we have seen over the last year in Paris, Brussels, Munich and now Berlin, where migrants from the third world have decided to repay the hospitality of European nations by Continue reading “Immigrants, Ethnic Minorities & Infectious Disease”

The Pagan Origins of Christmas


Christmas is often referred to as a Christian festival, particularly in the current political climate in which we are attempting to promote our traditions in the face of attack from foreign cultures, but the truth of the matter is that there is very little about the celebration that originates from Christianity proper. In actual fact, Christmas was a celebration in northern Europe long before the arrival of Christianity. There were some serious differences, however, the most obvious of which Continue reading “The Pagan Origins of Christmas”

Imperial Japan: Usury, Banking Reform & The Path To War


Today, Japan is a world superpower. They are the most powerful democratic state in their region of influence, they have the third largest GDP in the world after the USA and China, and they are one of the most, if not the most technologically advanced societies in the world. However, in terms of industrialisation and empire building, the Japanese arrived relatively late. In 1871, two years after the Boshin Civil war resulted in the restoration of the Emperor’s full power, the Iwakura Mission was dispatched in order to

Continue reading “Imperial Japan: Usury, Banking Reform & The Path To War”