Immigrants, Ethnic Minorities & Infectious Disease


Immigration is the hottest topic of the day, not only because of its relevance (think migrant crisis/US-Mexico border incursions) but also because of its unfortunate ability to act as a catalyst for other negative forces within our societies. The most obvious of these is terrorism, as we have seen over the last year in Paris, Brussels, Munich and now Berlin, where migrants from the third world have decided to repay the hospitality of European nations by Continue reading “Immigrants, Ethnic Minorities & Infectious Disease”


The Pagan Origins of Christmas


Christmas is often referred to as a Christian festival, particularly in the current political climate in which we are attempting to promote our traditions in the face of attack from foreign cultures, but the truth of the matter is that there is very little about the celebration that originates from Christianity proper. In actual fact, Christmas was a celebration in northern Europe long before the arrival of Christianity. There were some serious differences, however, the most obvious of which Continue reading “The Pagan Origins of Christmas”

Imperial Japan: Usury, Banking Reform & The Path To War


Today, Japan is a world superpower. They are the most powerful democratic state in their region of influence, they have the third largest GDP in the world after the USA and China, and they are one of the most, if not the most technologically advanced societies in the world. However, in terms of industrialisation and empire building, the Japanese arrived relatively late. In 1871, two years after the Boshin Civil war resulted in the restoration of the Emperor’s full power, the Iwakura Mission was dispatched in order to

Continue reading “Imperial Japan: Usury, Banking Reform & The Path To War”

England’s Jews, Part 1: Usury, Expulsions and William of Orange

king-offa-of-mercia(Pictured: King Offa of Mercia, who banned Usury in AD 787).

The story of Jews in England is a long and fascinating one, for they hold the accolade of residing in this country longer than any other non-indigenous tribe. They first came to England around the time that William the Conqueror and his armies did, in 1066 AD and have left and returned a number of times since. There has been a steady presence of people of Jewish background in England since the end of Cromwell’s protectorate towards the end of the 17th century, but their story was somewhat more turbulent in the time between Continue reading “England’s Jews, Part 1: Usury, Expulsions and William of Orange”

National Action Declared a Terrorist Organisation, Support Criminalised


In what is being called an unprecedented move, Home Secretary Amber Rudd is to put a bill before parliament on Monday that will, if approved, ban the nationalist group National Action. The proposals will officially class the group as a ‘terrorist organisation’, making membership, support or incitement to support a criminal offence under the Terrorism Act 2000, with breaches of said law incurring fines and potentially a 10 year prison term. The move comes in the aftermath of Continue reading “National Action Declared a Terrorist Organisation, Support Criminalised”

The UK’s Relationship With Saudi “ISIS” Arabia

Britain saudi.jpg

The United Kingdom has a long-standing relationship with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, something which has traditionally been frowned upon by the left of British politics, but something which is now increasingly at the forefront of criticism by all sides of the political spectrum. It is perhaps the hypocrisy of it all that offends people more than anything else, the fact that we sell weapons to Saudi Arabia who execute women for showing their face in public, whilst in the same breath condemning Continue reading “The UK’s Relationship With Saudi “ISIS” Arabia”

Geert Wilders: Show Trial & Conviction


Geert Wilders was today convicted of ‘hate speech’ in what can only be described as a show trial in the Netherlands.

Mr Wilders is one of Europe’s most prominent nationalist politicians and the most popular politician in his native Netherlands by quite a distance based on the latest opinion polls. He leads the¬†Partij Voor de Vrijheid¬†(PVV/Party for Freedom) who are out in front of the polls ahead of the next Dutch election, due to be held in March 2017. The PVV and Wilders in particular have Continue reading “Geert Wilders: Show Trial & Conviction”