The UK’s Relationship With Saudi “ISIS” Arabia

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The United Kingdom has a long-standing relationship with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, something which has traditionally been frowned upon by the left of British politics, but something which is now increasingly at the forefront of criticism by all sides of the political spectrum. It is perhaps the hypocrisy of it all that offends people more than anything else, the fact that we sell weapons to Saudi Arabia who execute women for showing their face in public, whilst in the same breath condemning Continue reading “The UK’s Relationship With Saudi “ISIS” Arabia”


Geert Wilders: Show Trial & Conviction


Geert Wilders was today convicted of ‘hate speech’ in what can only be described as a show trial in the Netherlands.

Mr Wilders is one of Europe’s most prominent nationalist politicians and the most popular politician in his native Netherlands by quite a distance based on the latest opinion polls. He leads the Partij Voor de Vrijheid (PVV/Party for Freedom) who are out in front of the polls ahead of the next Dutch election, due to be held in March 2017. The PVV and Wilders in particular have Continue reading “Geert Wilders: Show Trial & Conviction”

British Armed Forces: Dire Straits


The primary role of the British government is to defend the realm and her people, above all else this is the function that any government whether Labour, Conservative or other should have the people’s confidence to perform. However, in a time when traitors, swindlers and careerists occupy our age-old institutions, we are right to doubt that government is fit to be trusted even with this, their supposed priority. Continue reading “British Armed Forces: Dire Straits”

Austrian Election: Why Nationalism Lost


This evening it has quickly become apparent that Norbert Hofer of the Austrian Freedom Party (FPOe) has lost out in the country’s presidential election, with Green-backed independent Alexander Van der Bellen becoming the next man to occupy the Hofburg. This is a crushing blow to nationalists across Europe, as many saw Hofer’s potential election as a continuation of the winds of change sweeping across the west, following on from Britain’s

Continue reading “Austrian Election: Why Nationalism Lost”

Somali Immigrants: IQ, Education And Welfare Dependency


This week, Somali immigrant communities across the west have been under the spotlight, since one of them went on a spree of violence at a university in Ohio, injuring multiple people in a car and knife attack. Many people are keen to put this episode and those of a similar nature down to the Islamic faith of the attacker, but nobody seems to want to entertain the fact that his Somali origin is of more importance than his religious beliefs. Yes, it might be a man’s religious beliefs that are

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Castro, The Establishment And The Dangers Of Socialism


On 25th November 2016, the ex-dictator of Cuba, Fidel Castro, died. As anybody who lived through the latter half of the 20th century will know, or indeed anybody with a basic understanding of history will know, Castro was the revolutionary-turned-dictator of Cuba from 1959 until ill-health forced him to step back from the public eye in 2006. Under Castro, Cuba has been held back in terms of development and wealth creation thanks to draconian restrictions on property rights, innovation, as well as other equally backward socialist policies. There is no rule by popular consent in Cuba, where Castro’s younger brother Raul is now president. Homosexuals are locked up, political dissent is Continue reading “Castro, The Establishment And The Dangers Of Socialism”

British Free Corps (Britishes Freikorps)


World War 2 is the most studied event in history. From Hitler’s rise to power, to the allied invasion of Northern France, to Churchill’s pipe and slippers, there are so many avenues of investigation to a historian surrounding such fascinating topics. Unfortunately, these grand events such as the D-day landings or the crimes of the Einsatzgruppen on the eastern front often overshadow some more minor, but equally interesting details. Continue reading “British Free Corps (Britishes Freikorps)”