Castro, The Establishment And The Dangers Of Socialism


On 25th November 2016, the ex-dictator of Cuba, Fidel Castro, died. As anybody who lived through the latter half of the 20th century will know, or indeed anybody with a basic understanding of history will know, Castro was the revolutionary-turned-dictator of Cuba from 1959 until ill-health forced him to step back from the public eye in 2006. Under Castro, Cuba has been held back in terms of development and wealth creation thanks to draconian restrictions on property rights, innovation, as well as other equally backward socialist policies. There is no rule by popular consent in Cuba, where Castro’s younger brother Raul is now president. Homosexuals are locked up, political dissent is Continue reading “Castro, The Establishment And The Dangers Of Socialism”


British Free Corps (Britishes Freikorps)


World War 2 is the most studied event in history. From Hitler’s rise to power, to the allied invasion of Northern France, to Churchill’s pipe and slippers, there are so many avenues of investigation to a historian surrounding such fascinating topics. Unfortunately, these grand events such as the D-day landings or the crimes of the Einsatzgruppen on the eastern front often overshadow some more minor, but equally interesting details. Continue reading “British Free Corps (Britishes Freikorps)”

UK: Immigrant Inbreeding, 1st Cousin Marriages


We have a problem here in the United Kingdom that very few are willing to address, the issue of inbreeding in our immigrant communities. It is one of many issues that have arisen out of mass-immigration, but this issue in particular is perhaps the most costly, not just economically but socially also. We have imported into our once-great country people who not only think its acceptable to marry and procreate with first cousins, but whom also see it as a right or a custom even, due to their misguided religious and cultural beliefs. It is further evidence of Continue reading “UK: Immigrant Inbreeding, 1st Cousin Marriages”

The Britannic Race & Its Predicament


Race and ethnicity – a subject which few feel comfortable discussing and even fewer actually speak about, yet a relevant topic nonetheless, that we must speak about if we are to survive as a people and a nation. Because the truth is – and you will already know – that humans are not all the same, we have great diversity amongst the human species with significant genetic differences that shape the communities and nations in which we live. For example, it is no coincidence that for centuries, Great Britain has been the greatest nation on earth, shown through our international exploits and our advanced level of society at home. Similarly, Continue reading “The Britannic Race & Its Predicament”

Christianity v Moral Decay

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Cultural Marxist theory dictates that to create the conditions for class warfare and world communism, three pillars of culture must be dismantled: The family, the nation state and the church. The simple reason for this is that family, nationalism and religion transcend typical class lines, particularly in modern times, meaning that ordinary people have a greater loyalty to their family, compatriots and church congregation/God than to their fellow working class folk. Marxists can’t handle the truth that class warfare simply doesn’t fly with the general public, so they set about creating the conditions so that it will. They have been extremely successful at this. Continue reading “Christianity v Moral Decay”