Spring Equinox, Ostara (Ēostre) & Easter’s Pagan Origins


In the Northern Hemisphere, the Spring Equinox is most widely known as the first day of Spring, when the nights really begin to lighten and the cold grip of winter finally relinquishes control of the atmosphere. Springtime itself is marked somewhat unwittingly by the planting of daffodils and the growing interest in the Easter season, with chocolate eggs beginning to fill our shelves and sculpted chocolate bunnies becoming everybody’s favourite snack. It’s perhaps the Continue reading “Spring Equinox, Ostara (Ēostre) & Easter’s Pagan Origins”


Christianity v Moral Decay

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Cultural Marxist theory dictates that to create the conditions for class warfare and world communism, three pillars of culture must be dismantled: The family, the nation state and the church. The simple reason for this is that family, nationalism and religion transcend typical class lines, particularly in modern times, meaning that ordinary people have a greater loyalty to their family, compatriots and church congregation/God than to their fellow working class folk. Marxists can’t handle the truth that class warfare simply doesn’t fly with the general public, so they set about creating the conditions so that it will. They have been extremely successful at this. Continue reading “Christianity v Moral Decay”