A Message For The Netherlands: Wilders Is Your Man!


The nations of Europe are entering into a period of political revolution. The peoples of Europe are gradually seeing the grave dangers of mainstream liberal/left ideologies and are rejecting globalism en masse. Here we stand on the eve of the first major challenge of 2017, judgement day in the Netherlands, where we shall soon have an indication of the level of resentment towards current political direction that the people really feel. Continue reading “A Message For The Netherlands: Wilders Is Your Man!”


Brexit Britain: We Need MORE European Immigration


Throughout the referendum campaign, there was much hysteria whipped up surrounding the issue of European immigration to the United Kingdom and the affect this was having on public services and integration within communities. It is safe to say, however, that this is on point upon which I agree wholeheartedly with our disgraced former Prime Minister, Tony Blair. In a recent speech on the issue of Europe he claimed that we need European immigrants and in any case, it is non-European immigration that many of Continue reading “Brexit Britain: We Need MORE European Immigration”

Marine Le Pen: Key Policies


On 6th February, Marine Le Pen launched her campaign to become the next president of the French Republic. She is currently out in front in the polls, on course to win 27% of the vote in the first round with her closest rival Emanuel Macron currently polling (at best) 22%. This being said, it is still a difficult path to the Élysée Palace for Continue reading “Marine Le Pen: Key Policies”

The Stasi-state, NPD & The German Constitution


Since the beginning of Europe’s multicultural experiment, Germany has led the way in terms of returning to communistic stasi tactics of suppressing criticism of government policy. These efforts have continued with renewed vigour and aggression since early 2016, when all 16 federal states launched a legal bid to ban the National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD), however a final judgement was Continue reading “The Stasi-state, NPD & The German Constitution”