Ethnicity, Nationhood and Terminology

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It is true, as the left repeatedly charge, that we are living in a “post-truth” world where what was once thought to be certified fact is now no more than an object of interpretation. Ideas once (correctly) believed to be concrete are now considered obsolete and the victor of an argument is no longer he who relies upon facts, but he who argues – and often deceives – the best. Continue reading “Ethnicity, Nationhood and Terminology”


The Case For Press Censorship


Many people on the traditional right of western politics are naturally repelled by the notion of censorship, due to their libertarian views on such matters and more recently, their use of alternative media sources which the current establishment are attempting to censor. However, with the predicament in which we find ourselves in the west and the English speaking world in particular, there is a strong case for Continue reading “The Case For Press Censorship”

London’s Useful Idiots & The Spread Of Marxism


This weekend, a spontaneous uprising of oppressed women around the world took place in protest against the election of President Trump. They decided now was the time to throw off their shackles and truly embrace the equal status they so crave, ridding their lives and communities of the evil patriarchy that dared to keep them down. They came out in their millions for a cause in which they truly believe, so their daughters will know a better world. Continue reading “London’s Useful Idiots & The Spread Of Marxism”

The Stasi-state, NPD & The German Constitution


Since the beginning of Europe’s multicultural experiment, Germany has led the way in terms of returning to communistic stasi tactics of suppressing criticism of government policy. These efforts have continued with renewed vigour and aggression since early 2016, when all 16 federal states launched a legal bid to ban the National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD), however a final judgement was Continue reading “The Stasi-state, NPD & The German Constitution”