A Message For The Netherlands: Wilders Is Your Man!


The nations of Europe are entering into a period of political revolution. The peoples of Europe are gradually seeing the grave dangers of mainstream liberal/left ideologies and are rejecting globalism en masse. Here we stand on the eve of the first major challenge of 2017, judgement day in the Netherlands, where we shall soon have an indication of the level of resentment towards current political direction that the people really feel. Continue reading “A Message For The Netherlands: Wilders Is Your Man!”


Opinion Polls: Nationalist Parties Europe



The latest polling for England indicates that conservative opinions are fairly mainstream, with the Conservative Party riding high in the polls on 44%. However, whilst many of their voters may have nationalistic sympathies, the parliamentary Conservative Party are true endorsers of the globalist agenda, therefore Continue reading “Opinion Polls: Nationalist Parties Europe”

The UK’s Relationship With Saudi “ISIS” Arabia

Britain saudi.jpg

The United Kingdom has a long-standing relationship with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, something which has traditionally been frowned upon by the left of British politics, but something which is now increasingly at the forefront of criticism by all sides of the political spectrum. It is perhaps the hypocrisy of it all that offends people more than anything else, the fact that we sell weapons to Saudi Arabia who execute women for showing their face in public, whilst in the same breath condemning Continue reading “The UK’s Relationship With Saudi “ISIS” Arabia”

Geert Wilders: Show Trial & Conviction


Geert Wilders was today convicted of ‘hate speech’ in what can only be described as a show trial in the Netherlands.

Mr Wilders is one of Europe’s most prominent nationalist politicians and the most popular politician in his native Netherlands by quite a distance based on the latest opinion polls. He leads the¬†Partij Voor de Vrijheid¬†(PVV/Party for Freedom) who are out in front of the polls ahead of the next Dutch election, due to be held in March 2017. The PVV and Wilders in particular have Continue reading “Geert Wilders: Show Trial & Conviction”