Who Owns (And Rules) England? The Norman, Of Course

The question of ownership is often dismissed as an attempt to complicate an ostensibly simple issue; any given property is owned by he whose name is on the title deeds, and those properties which are leased out to tenants are owned by the landlords. National parks are owned by the government-backed charity the National Trust, reservoirs and the like are owned by the utilities companies, some land is owned by the Ministry of Defence, and so on and so forth. Another fundamental question, namely who rules us, is yet another that has, on the surface at least, rather simple answers. We elect parliament, thus electing the head of government with executive powers, whilst on a local level we elect councils, mayors and the like to take decisions that have a local emphasis.

Yet these questions of who owns our nation and who rules it are not nearly so simple. The answers only provide dictionary definitions of these points, without analysing the cultural and historical significance of governance and land ownership in this country.

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